Release notes


Changes in Querqy for Solr 5.4.1

  • Bumping jackson-databind and json-smart versions (#348).

  • Do not rely on system character encoding settings but assure that input stream bytes are interpreted as UTF-8 (#346).

Major changes in Querqy for Solr 5.4.0

  • The Common Rules Rewriter can now produce multiplicative UP/DOWN boosts (#328).

Changes in Querqy for Solr 5.3.2

  • Improved scoring for new

    multiMatchTie (#327).

Changes in Querqy for Solr 5.3.1

  • Bugfix related using single term synonyms with new multiMatchTie (#315).

Major changes in Querqy for Solr 5.3.0

  • The Word Break Rewriter now applies language specific morphology also for compounding (#282). See morphology in the Word Break Rewriter configuration.

  • You can now configure the path under which rewriter configurations will be stored in ZooKeeper (#263). For more information, see the zkDataDirectory property in the Querqy RequestHandler configuration

  • Introduce multiMatchTie to avoid higher score if document matches more than one synonym (#281) (experimental).

Relase notes for Querqy for OpenSearch can be found here.

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es841.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.4.1

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es833.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.3.3

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es823.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.2.3

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es813.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.1.3

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es801.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.0.1

  • Adding compound morphology to WordBreakCompoundRewriter (#22)

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.5es7172.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 7.17.2